Lyutenitsa Workshop with Excedo – Old School Style

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If you have ever been to Bulgaria or at least have a Bulgarian friend, chances are that you have tried lyutenitsa.

For the unlucky ones, who have missed out on Bulgarian culinary culture so far, lyutenitsa is a universal (best homemade) mouth-watering vegetable relish that you can eat in any form and at any time, literary … it works for breakfast, brunch, as a spread, as an appetizer or a side for meat.

And if you have been on a trip with us at Excedo, than you most certainly know what great lyutenitsa tastes like.

I often get asked what this savory Bulgarian relish is made of and how you prepare it, so we at Excedo decided to show you how we go about it – old school style!

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A Few Days on another Planet …

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For the past few years our friends and partners from Nature Madzharovo Ltd., an outdoor day tours service provider in the town of Madzharovo (about 3.5 h drive from Sofia), and more specifically, the company’s founder Marin Kurtev, have been organizing a spring cleaning initiative on the shores of the Arda River.

We, from Excedo could simply not miss the opportunity and this triple pleasure – visit one of our favorite spots in Bulgaria, uncover some new unexplored sites in the area and do something good for the environment! Who could ask for more?!

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