Month: April 2017

A Few Days on another Planet …

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For the past few years our friends and partners from Nature Madzharovo Ltd., an outdoor day tours service provider in the town of Madzharovo (about 3.5 h drive from Sofia), and more specifically, the company’s founder Marin Kurtev, have been organizing a spring cleaning initiative on the shores of the Arda River.

We, from Excedo could simply not miss the opportunity and this triple pleasure – visit one of our favorite spots in Bulgaria, uncover some new unexplored sites in the area and do something good for the environment! Who could ask for more?!

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The Wild Eastern Rhodopes – Tailor-Made 7 Day Program

The Eastern Rhodope Mountains are well away from any major cities in the region and are located in one of the poorest areas of the country, where rural live still revolves mainly around sowing and herding cattle. It is most certainly what you call a backwater. But what a backwater!

Marvel at wild and authentic landscapes, a rarely seen diversity of wildflowers, butterflies and the highest raptor diversity in Europe! Encounter long forgotten relics from ancient times! Experience the friendliness and hospitality of the locals! Learn to appreciate and that are well classified by home cleaning cedar and enjoy local cuisine and some of the best wine you have ever had!

You will experience all this and more during our 7-days long ‘The Wild Eastern Rhodopes’ Adventure & Culture Program.

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